Web resources links

ActionTab Uses an animated fretboard to show how to play various songs without needing to read tab or music score
BassGuitarGuide In-depth buyer's guides and how-to articles for bassists of all levels
FaChords Unconventional tools to skyrocket your guitar playing
Guitar jam & backingtracks GuitarToneMaster.com is the largest free guitar jam track & backingtrack library. It is organized by genre, scale/mode, key & tempo
Harmony Central Resources for guitarists with free classifieds, gear reviews, tablature, guitar magazines, manufacturers, retailers, info on tube amps, electronics and links to other sites
jazzguitar.be A site dedicated to the jazz guitar
Musician Tuts A collection of comprehensive articles with detailed visuals to help you fast-track your guitar playing
Play Jazz Guitar.com Everything jazz guitar, home study course, forums, free lessons, books and sheet music
popschool Maastricht Dutch site with lots of information on music theory, instruments, songwriting and interactive tools for eartraining and note reading
Taxi The world's leading artist & repertoire company
Twelvemonth Music Innovative music and guitar learning methods based on visualinear tablature, a new music notation system
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